Class III-IV Whitewater
Season: May-September

3-5 Day Whitewater Adventure

34-79 miles – Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing or Heller Bar. Departs at 6:30 a.m. PDT (7:30 MDT, Riggins)

SRE invites you to experience the magnificent beauty and awesome  power of Hells Canyon and the Snake River.  According to Nez Perce legend, Coyote dug  this massive canyon with a stick.  He did  a pretty darn good job, creating North America’s deepest gorge; the river lies  more than 8,000 feet below He Devil Mountain in the Seven Devils   Range.  Exhilarating rapids, an awesomely gorgeous  canyon, historical places and stories, friendly, knowledgeable, safe guides and  camaraderie await you on your Hells Canyon  whitewater adventure. Whitewater!   Plenty  of BIG, BIG water!  Class IV rapids Wild  Sheep and Granite Creek will fill your need to rock out; other Class II and III  rapids such as Bernard Creek, Water Spout, Rush Creek, and the Imnaha, will  challenge even the most adventurous whitewater enthusiast in SRE’s fun sized self-bailing  rafts and inflatable kayaks.  You may  choose to actively participate in a stern mount paddle raft or inflatable  kayak; or hang on and let your guide do all the work in a center mount  raft.  The adventure level is up to you.

Hells Canyon affords SRE the opportunity to showcase Idaho  in all its splendor.  In early summer the  canyon abounds in luscious green and wildflowers.  By peak summer the canyon turns golden, with  hot days and warm water.  You may find  yourself floating beside your raft more than in it; regardless, you will find that  your fellow travelers are more than willing to cool you down with a spirited  water fight.  Hells   Canyon is home to an abundant array of wildlife including bighorn  sheep, mountain goats, deer, elk, bears, otters, along with song birds and  raptors (eagles, owls, hawks and vultures).   You will explore old homesteads and mining claims and view pictographs  and petroglyphs.  In the evening SRE  guides will wine, dine and entertain.  With  our 30+ years in the hospitality business, those who have traveled with us  before know that SRE guides put on a Dutch oven affair to remember.

We provide transportation to and from the river on our  3-day adventures, delivering you back to Riggins by about 5:00 p.m. on the last  day.  On 4 and 5-day adventures we provide  transportation to the river from our meeting place at Riggins, then have your  car professionally shuttled to Heller Bar to be waiting for you when you get  off the river by about 3:00 p.m.  A  shuttle charge of $150 per vehicle applies to 5-day adventures.