Main Salmon – Riggins Area
Class III-IV Whitewater

Season: March 15-October 15

1 Day Whitewater Adventure

20 Miles – Spring Bar to Lucile Recreation Site

Join us at Riggins, the Whitewater Capital. Ride   the waves in Time Zone, Tight Squeeze, Traps Creek and Black Rock, just to name   a few. If our self-bailing paddle and rowing rafts aren’t exciting enough to   suit your thrill level, hop into an inflatable kayak. The “pool and drop” Salmon   River offers calm pools between rapids; so even if you do tip, just keep your   feet up and ride it out in your highly buoyant commercial whitewater life   jacket. For lunch, no one puts on a better riverside deli lunch than SALMON   RIVER EXPERIENCE. We serve up plenty of deli meats, crab salad , cheeses, breads, fruits, vegetables, chips, and cookies. We provide waterproof containers for cameras and also arrange with a local professional photographer from Salmon River Photos to take your picture at Time Zone Rapids. This one day whitewater adventure is perfect for groups, reunions, and parties, as well as adventurous individuals.

2 Day Whitewater Adventure

38 Miles – Vinegar Creek to Lucile Recreation Site

Add a new dimension to your whitewater adventure – like camping along the river, enjoying Dutch oven meals, camaraderie around the campfire, and falling asleep out under the open summer skies. We raft 19 miles per day and camp near Spring Bar Campground. The first day is spent floating the more scenic upper section and the second day rafting the more challenging Riggins stretch where we run our 1-day adventures.

Main Salmon – Lower Gorge
Class III-IV Whitewater

Season: April – October (high water may affect trips)

3 to 5 Day Wilderness Adventures

No phones, no traffic, no hassles – just the splash of oars and paddles or the roar of rushing whitewater as you ride the river through deep arid canyons accessible only by water. From our launch site near Whitebird or Pine Bar we’ll wind our way through the rugged Salmon River gorge to join the Snake River in Hells Canyon. From the confluence of these two majestic rivers, we will float the last roadless miles of Hells Canyon to our take-out at Heller Bar. During our adventure we will challenge the largest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states, float the two deepest river gorges in North America, and traverse three states.

Whitewater! The Lower Gorge has plenty – Snowhole, China Slide, Bodacious Bounce, Gobbler, Sluicebox, Demon’s Drop, just to name a few. Choose to participate in a paddle raft, paddle your own inflatable kayak, or just hang on in an oar powered raft; the adventure level is up to you. Guests often trade in and out of rafts and kayaks so even if you’re a little apprehensive about paddling a kayak or smaller raft in big water, you’ll have an opportunity to hone your skills in calmer water.

Because of the nature of free flowing rivers, the Salmon offers an abundance of pristine white sand beaches, affording the highest quality camping of any river we know. Meals include generous portions of hearty western fare. Our seasoned Lower Gorge guides pride themselves in their dutch oven and barbecue cuisine. Steak/Salmon feasts and eggs benedict are the norm with plenty of fresh breads, fruits, and vegetables. Pineapple upside down cake tastes especially delicious on the river. A smorgasbord of deli items are served at lunch to satisfy even the most particular dieter. At night, choose to tent camp or just sleep out under the blanket of the Milky Way. The deep gorge frames the clear western night sky to seemingly join the heavens with the canyon rim. Wake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the feel of the soft morning sun on your face.

The 52 mile Lower Gorge of the Salmon has cut its way through thousands of feet (and millions of years) of geologic history.  You’ll pass through steep granite and metamorphosed volcanic gorges which will open to roomier columnar basalt formations. The diverse landscapes provid  habitat to an equally diverse collection of animals and plant life, including deer, golden eagles, and bighorn sheep. River otter, cougar, and bears are also common in the canyon. We pass by crossings used by Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce in their flight from the U.S. Calvary in 1877. We will also visit Chinese pit dwellings, abandoned homesteads, and old mining claims. We will take you deep into the Pullman Mine at the confluence of the Salmon and Snake.

We provide  transportation to and from the river, delivering you back to your motel in by about 6:00 p.m. on the last day. You need to bring your personal gear. We   provide rafting, camping, cooking and eating equipment, along with sleeping pad and tent. More specific information and gear lists are included in your confirmation and pre-trip packet.